Free Drop Kick The Faint Game Online

Title: Drop Kick The Faint

Description:Drop Kick The Faint is terrific online fighting game. Welcome to The Faint Dropkick The Punks. Here in this interesting game you have to dropkick 5 members of the musical band - The Faint as far as possible off the stage. You really don't like this music band and you cant stand their music. You can adjust the speed that you run. The faster the speed the stronger the dropkick is. Be sure the strength meter is in the center and then start running. Watch on your accuracy after you dropkick. You have to press the space bar key to start running. You have five attempts and after that the game is over. Try to earn as much score as possible. You can submit your scores in the top 100. This is the perfect way to lose some aggression. Play this terrific game and prove that you dropkick the best. Have a lot of fun!

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Drop Kick The Faint