Free Kung Fu Rabbit Game Online

Title: Kung Fu Rabbit

Description:Kung Fu Rabbit is terrific online fighting game. In this cool game you have a role of a rabbit which owns secrets of a kung fu. Play this game and try to be the best. First see how to play this game in the how to play many. Use arrow keys to move right, left, move up and jump down. Use Z to kick, X to punch right, right key + Z to roundhouse kicks right, right + X to punch a right and left hand Up+Z to kick in the jump, and Up+X to punch in the jump. After you learn the moves you can start playing this game. You have the opportunity to select difficulty level. You can choose from: easy, normal and hard. I suggest you to start with easy and then to go to the others difficulty levels. Then you can select opponent, actually first you will fight with the 3–rd place opponent and then with the others. Now you are ready to start fighting. Your aim is to beat all the enemies and win first place in a rating of fighters. In the right corner you can pause the game and you can turn the music on or off. Have fun and enjoy!

Rating: 4.00 [Rate]

Kung Fu Rabbit