Free Practice Chapped Game Online

Title: Practice Chapped

Description:If you want to play an amazing online free fighting game then you have to try Practice Chapped game. You don't know what Practice Chapped is? Playing this game you have a chance to find out. In this terrific game you can find a lot of big swords and a lot of fun. The chief has called everyone to plan an expedition to get the bad guys. You have an opportunity to fight. But first you have to recover your strength. To do that your chief has designed a Practice Chapped. Now you can develop your skills to the maximum potential. Your goal in this fun game is to kill everything that comes right at you in the forest. To play this game you have to use the A key to move left, the S key to go down, the W key go up and the D key to move right, use the J key to attack your enemies, use the K key to jump as high as you can, and use the L key for prop attacks. If you still have any questions about how to play, you can see inside the game for more instructions. The yellow bar up on the screen shows your life, when it is empty you will lose your life and you will lose the game. Have fun playing this fighting game!

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Practice Chapped