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Title: Wild West Boxing Tournament

Description:Do you ever wonder how would it be to experience the Old Wild West? Do you ever feel like punching some people in the face and knocking them down? If you answered yes to any of those, Wild West Boxing Tournament is the perfect game for you! Wild West Boxing Tournament is a very fun and unique online fighting game based on the Old Wild West, a time when fights were one of the most common activities around. Inside, you take the role of a great fighter who travels around different border towns in order to defeat every challenger that stands in your way to winning the Boxing Championship. In your path to victory, you have to fight and defeat 3 challengers from 3 different towns. First, you must defeat an old looking, big and strong cowboy. Then, you'll make your way to the next town to fight against a fast, red-headed frontiersman warrior. Finally, you will cross the border and fight your last opponent, a fast, strong, true Mexican "luchador". If you defeat all 3, you will become the Wild West Boxing Tournament champion. To play the game you have to use 4 different moves: Z - left punch, X - uppercut, C - right punch, and Space Bar - guard. During the game, you will have a health bar and a stamina bar, both of which regenerate over time. If the health bar reaches 0, you will get knocked down. If that happens, you can use the space bar to get up. If the stamina bar reaches 0, you will have to wait until is full again to keep fighting. To win a round, you have to either deal the most damage before the time is over or knock down the opponent. The first fighter to win 3 rounds gets the victory. You can use any combination of moves that you want and see what works better. This game is extremely fun, and it will take you more than a few attempts to be able to beat it and claim the Wild West Boxing Tournament for yourself!

Rating: 4.40 [Rate]

Wild West Boxing Tournament