Free London Blitz Game Online

Title: London Blitz

Description:Welcome to London Blitz fighting game. In this cool game mobs and masked looters are storming the streets. You play the role of a London police officer and your job and duty is to stop them from getting into the electronic store and beat them down. Use your bat and shield to stop the mobs and the masked looters. Give your best to bring law and order back on the streets of the city. To play this game use the arrow keys to move through the game, use the A key to attack the mobs and looters, use the S key to kick and the P key to pause the game. Now click the play button and start the firs wave. For every killed enemies you earn scores. Try to earn as much scores as possible. Watch on the green bar up on the screen if it is empty the game will be over and you will be loser. Use your fighting skills to save the London streets and win the game. Play this fun free fighting game and have a lot of fun!

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London Blitz