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Title: World Boxing Tournament 2

Description:World Boxing Tournament 2 is an intensive boxing game that is also the sequel to World Boxing Tournament. This sequel offers some extra fun and improvements over the original. Once again, you are a boxer whose goal is to knock down other boxers using your boxing skills. This time around, you can choose from one of four boxers to start the game instead of just having one boxer to play with. If you are familiar with the original, then the controls are almost the same in World Boxing Tournament 2. You can move around the ring using the WASD buttons. The W button makes your boxer move up, the A button makes him move to the left, the S button moves the boxer downwards while the D button makes him go to the right of the ring. You can use the B, N, M buttons to punch your opponents into submission. The B button throws a quick jab that does minimal damage but allows you to rapidly punch your opponent. The N button throws a low blow to the stomach for medium damage. Finally, the M button throws a slow hook that knocks down your opponent and it does huge damage. You can block attacks with the space bar button as well. Coming back from the original is the ability to play against your friend using the same keyboard. Your friend can move around the ring using the up, left, down and right arrow keys. The 123 buttons serve the same purpose as the BNM buttons for punching. Your friend can block attacks using the 0 button as well. The game features the same crisp graphics as the original. The animations are done right and the boxing mechanics are superb. The crowd now roars in excitement whenever you knock down your opponent which adds to a lot of fun in this game. World Boxing Tournament 2 is a fantastic follow up of the original boxing game. Some minor improvements such as the ability to pick from different boxers make this game even much more fun to play. Give this sequel another try and bring your friend along for some more boxing fun!

Rating: 3.15 [Rate]

World Boxing Tournament 2