Free Through The Wars Game Online

Title: Through The Wars

Description:Through The Wars is very exciting free fighting game on the net. This game is not as easy as it seams. In this terrific game first you have to choose the character you like to fight like a real fighter. This cool game has two player modes. You can have fun alone or with your friend. Instructions for the first player are: use the W, A, S and D keys to move in the game, use the J, K, U and I keys to attack your enemies, use double click A to left run, use double click D to right run. Instructions for the second player: use the arrow keys to move, use the V, B, Z and X keys to attack your enemies. Use your fighting skills in order to win the game. Do your best and prove that you are the best. Prove that no one can beat you. Play this challenging free online fighting game, it is awesome as hell. Have a great fun in your free time!

Rating: 3.40 [Rate]

Through The Wars