Free Mortal Kombat Karnage Game Online

Title: Mortal Kombat Karnage

Description:Mortal Kombat Karnage is a remake of the famous fighting game. This new version of Mortal Kombat is even better, with an infinite forest background, with a new cool moves and with clever use of the sprites. Now is the time to show all your talent. Choose your favorite wrestler from the classic characters and kick some ass. Use your powers to slay your opponents. You can choose to play against the computer or against your friend, you can choose from single player and two player mode. In single player mode you can choose arcade mode, survival or practice mode. After this you have to choose your destiny: novice, warrior, master or easy. In this cool free online fighting game the controls are: use the arrow keys to move in the game, use the A key to punch, use the S key to block and use the D key to kick. Now you are ready to fight. Play this awesome game and prove that you are the best fighter ever. Best of luck!

Rating: 4.63 [Rate]

Mortal Kombat Karnage