Free Hobo 6 HELL Game Online

Title: Hobo 6 HELL

Description:You must play Hobo 6 HELL game. This is the sixth version of the terrific free online game Hobo. Get ready for more nastiness in this sixth installment of the terrific fighting game Hobo. The action in this new part takes place in devil's lands. Hobo has died and gone to hell. Now he have to face with hordes of demons and their master Satan. In order to survive you must destroy all evil opponents using a wide variety of combo attacks: farting, puking, spitting and many more. Also you have to use you fighting skills to defeat the evil hordes of demons that are attacking you on your way to the underground. Kill demons with a combination of moves that would make even Satan tremble with fear. Game instructions: use the arrow keys to move, use the A key to punch and use the S key yo kick. Now you are ready to play. Have fun and enjoy!

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Hobo 6 HELL