Free Occupy Wall Street Game Online

Title: Occupy Wall Street

Description:Welcome to Occupy Wall Street game. Fight against your enemies in this game. This game focused on the recent police brutality happening around the country. Your goal in this cool game is to dodge tear gas, bean bags and flash grenades thrown by the riot police. At the same time you have to collect money, water and the Constitution. Try not to get arrested. Use the W, A, S and D keys to move, use the J key to attack, use Q and E keys to change weapon, call fire support by pressing the L key, machine gun strafe need 50 rage point, missile volley need 100 rage point, use the space bar key to send telecar to collect item, need 10 rage point, set teammate on the road by number keys 1-5, need 40 rage point. Play and have fun!

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Occupy Wall Street