Free The Brawl 7 - Rihanna Game Online

Title: The Brawl 7 - Rihanna

Description:The Brawl 7 Rihanna. Welcome to the seventh edition of the famous game The Brawl. This celebrity boxing game lets you bash the most annoying celebrities. Finally we get to kick the pop singer Rihanna. She might be a great singer but it is time to silence Rihanna. This game is a parody and should not be taken seriously. Use the left mouse click to punch, hold the space bar key to block. Now you are ready to fight. While playing, watch on your life bar, it mustnít be empty, or you will lose the game. Your job is to fight Rihanna until her life bar gets empty. Play this game in your free time and have much fun!

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The Brawl 7 - Rihanna