Free Bow Master Japan Game Online

Title: Bow Master Japan

Description:Bow Master Japan is very unusual free online game. You, the trainee Bow Master, must hone your kyudo archery skills on the eve of The Great War in Japan. Take your arrows and hit the tricky targets in the beautiful Temple Garden and try to become the Bow Master Japan. Game instruction: aim with your mouse, hold the left mouse to draw arrows, release to shoot. For every shoot you earn points, try to earn as much points as you can. Also try to be very fast so you will earn points from the saved time too. Try to be very accurate so you will earn points from the accuracy also. In every next level there are more and more targets that you have to shoot, also there are tricky targets that move and it is not easy to shoot them. Give your best and try to win this game. Have a lot of fun, bow master!

Rating: 3.00 [Rate]

Bow Master Japan