Free Ben10 Omniverse Hero United Game Online

Title: Ben10 Omniverse Hero United

Description:Ben 10 Omniverse Hero United is very fun game. Get ready for the new adventure game with the strongest Ben10 alien form. In this cool game Ben 10 needs your help. Try to defeat three new powerfull bosses and try to save our planet from the ugly enemies. Eliminate some zombies and save the planet by using your special powers. Use the arrow keys to move, use the A key to attack, use the S key to shoot and use D key for magic shoot. While playing, watch on your health bar in the up left corner. Donít let the health bar get empty or you will lose the game. Use your fighting skills and try to achieve your goal and save the planet. Good luck!

Rating: 3.28 [Rate]

Ben10 Omniverse Hero United