Free Avengers TakeDown Game Online

Title: Avengers TakeDown

Description:In Avengers: Takedown game your mission is to aid Black Widow and Hawkeye to infiltrate the HYDRA base and collect vital information that will aid the rest of the AVENGERS, Tony Stark, Thor Hulk and Captain America in their fight against the evil HYDRA led by the Red Skull. Be careful as the road ahead is teeming with Hydra Acolytes that are weak and sometimes powerful. Use Space to shoot the powershot of Hawkeye and you could kill the enemies in only one shot, Jump from wall to wall and avoid falling in the lava. If you decide to play with Blackwidow, her special attack is the plasma blaster holding down the space will charge up the powerblast that will again almost one shot all of your enemies. What are you waiting for? SHIELD is waiting for your assistance,deploy immediately! Enjoy!!!!

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Avengers TakeDown