Free Fear Unlimited Game Online

Title: Fear Unlimited

Description:Fear Unlimited - Full Edition is crazy online action packed free fighting game. This fun game is tribute to DMC. You have the chance to go ahead without fear. Your aim is to fight the forces of evil, they are so evil it'll make your blood curdle. Use many different weapons to attack such as swords, guns and combos. In game settings you can choose quality: low, medium and high quality. When you choose the quality you must have in mind how strong is your computer. To play this game use the left and right arrow keys to run trough the game. Use the A key to jump, use the D key for sword strikes, hold the S key to shoot. Use the Z key to change swords, use the X key to change guns, use Q to change devil cores. The special attacks you can see in the game instructions. First when you start playing this game you can use tutorial to learn haw to play. What are you waiting for? Play this game in your free time and free your fear. Have fun!

Rating: 4.15 [Rate]

Fear Unlimited