Free Red Blood Fighter Game Online

Title: Red Blood Fighter

Description:Red Blood Fighter is awesome online free fighting game. In this cool and fun online game you can fight as an ancient warrior. The game has many characters for you to choose from. Choose from the 15 given characters and start playing the game. Each fighter has its own special moves. When you start playing the game you have 3 lives total, try not to lose them all. If you lose all your four lives the game will be over. Try to beat your opponent very fast because the time is limited. The graphics of the game are amazing. Game description: use the up arrow key to jump, use the down arrow key to go down, use the left arrow key to move and the right arrow key to move back. Use the A key fight stand 1, use the S key to fight stand 2. Have fun and enjoy playing this terrific fighting game!

Rating: 4.25 [Rate]

Red Blood Fighter