Free Fight Club Game Online

Title: Fight Club

Description:Fight Club is super online fighting game. In this cool game there is a fight club opening, you can choose your character there, then you will find your contender. Perform combos in this unique game. In the options you can choose quality; low, medium or high (it is recommended for most computers low graphics quality). Also you can choose difficulty: hard, average and light. To play this fun game use the N key to punch, use the M key to kick, use the left arrow key to move left, use the right arrow key to move right, use the up arrow key to jump, use the down arrow key to crouch and use the P key to pause. Next thing you should do is to choose your fighter. You can choose from: Biological Clock, Black Magic, Arctic Clock, Orange Clock, Strawberry Clock, Knight Clock, Munglai and Archon Clock every one with different fighting style, weapon, power and quest. Good luck, fighter!

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Fight Club