Free Commando 2 Game Online

Title: Commando 2

Description:Commando 2 is very fun and very interesting online action game. Commando 2 is in the Far East. In this awesome game you are the most lethal warrior of the jungle. Face against an army and exterminate all the enemies. Use bigger and better weapons. Select mission, select weapon and choose your character to begin this exciting adventure game. Instructions: use the W key to jump, use the S key to crouch, use the A key to move left, use the D key to move right, use the Q key for preview weapon and use the E key for next weapon. Use the left click of the mouse to aim and shoot. Also you can turn the sound and the music on or off, You can also chose quality: low, medium or high. Help the allies defend themselves from the invasion. Play this free online game and have fun!

Rating: 3.77 [Rate]

Commando 2