Free Monster Wheelie Game Online

Title: Monster Wheelie

Description:Monster Wheelie is spectacular speedy free online driving game. First you have to select your favorite monster truck of your choice and start racing through the obstacle course. The aim of the game is to get over heaps of junk and mounds of dirt without flipping over. Drive over the hills and vehicles as you grab stars and keep your monster truck balanced. For every star you earn scores, try to score as much points as possible. If you flip over your vehicle explodes. Instructions: use the left arrow key to tilt backwards, use the right arrow key to tilt forwards, use the up arrow key to move forwards, use the down arrow key to move backwards, use the P key to pause the game and the M key to mute. The game has several levels, try to pass them all. Watch out on your health or you will lose a live, and you have three lives totally. Play this online game and find a whole new level of excitement!

Rating: 3.70 [Rate]

Monster Wheelie