Free Raft Wars Game Game Online

Title: Raft Wars Game

Description:Raft Wars Game is super online popular game. This online game Raft Wars is a very funny action version of Battleships. In this game you play the role of a three year old boy that discover treasure as he dug up in the beach. The treasure is very worthy and the bad guys want to take your treasure away from you. Your aim is to defeat your opponents with the least amount of shots, so you can earn as much cash as you can. The cash you can spend on upgrades after the battle. Warlords are after your treasures, grab your raft and send those bandits sinking. Team up with your Brother and defend your treasure from the bad guys. To play this game all you need is your mouse. Aim with your mouse, and use the left click to shoot at the pirates. If you win in the first level you can go to the next level, but first you have the opportunity to upgrade your weapon. As you proceed through the game your enemies are more stronger and numerous. To win in this fun game you have to be very precise. Have fun playing this amazing game!

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Raft Wars Game