Free Power Rangers Ninja Storm Game Online

Title: Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Description:Power Rangers Ninja Storm is one of the most played action games on internet. In this awesome game you have to put your Ranger skills to work - jump, climb, and run to take the Red Power Ranger through the obstacles and achieve your goals. To play this game all you have to use are the left, right and up arrow keys to move trough the game. Your job is to collect all the storms on your way and to go to the next level. The game has totally 10 levels that you have to pass and you have totally 5 lives. If you lose them all the game is over but you can start playing over again. Be careful, as you proceed trough the game it is harder and harder, you have more obstacles on your way and more storms to collect. The Red Power Ranger is counting on you, don't disappoint him. Play this fun game and have a lot of fun!

Rating: 3.44 [Rate]

Power Rangers Ninja Storm