Free Rage 3 Game Online

Title: Rage 3

Description:Rage 3 Free Game is awesome fighting online game. In this game you have to run around the levels and platforms killing the bad guys and generally building up your rage. Use your weapons, powers and your special attacks. Once you "rage it up" you get the cloud of fire around you. You can select to play adventure or arcade mode. To play this game you have to use the arrow keys to move through the game, use the up arrow key to jump, double tap on the left or right arrow keys to perform a roll, use the A key to attack and the S key to shoot with your gun, use Q and E to switch your guns and weapons. You have the chance to choose a difficulty mode: easy, medium or hard. You can turn effects on or off, you can make your enemies temporary invisible, you can choose the quality: high, medium and low. Now you are ready to play this cool game. You have to click on the world to start playing. Fight with your enemies and try to score as much points as you can. At the beginning your life is full 100%, but if you being hit it goes down. When your life comes to 0 then the game is over. Good luck and have fun!

Rating: 4.18 [Rate]

Rage 3