Free Boxing 2x2 Game Online

Title: Boxing 2x2

Description:Boxing 2x2 is very interesting free online fighting game. In this cool game the inquisitive person battles box, between two against a two. Prepare for four - handed fisticuffs. Enjoy in this great battle between boys and girls and conjoint twins. To play this game use the left and the right arrow keys to move Biff and Chip left and right, use the V, B, N and the M keys to control their fists, use the space bar key to protects their faces. Also there is a secret key that you can use to throw a super punch. Find out by yourself which is that key. Help the twins to become the winners. If the damage meter is empty the game is over, but you can play again. Have fun playing one of the most interesting fighting games on the net!

Rating: 3.00 [Rate]

Boxing 2x2