Free Matrix Bullet Time Fighting Game Online

Title: Matrix Bullet Time Fighting

Description:Matrix Bullet Time Fighting is quite an addictive fighting online game. In this game first you have to choose the player mode. You can select from one player mode or two player modes. In one player you can choose from normal mode, 300 bullets mode and no bullets mode. In two players you can choose normal mode or team battle. No matter which mode you will choose, I am sure you will enjoy. To play this game use the basic controls, special attacks, special moves and gun. In basic controls use the left and the right arrow keys to move, the up arrow key to jump, use down arrow keys to punch, use the M key for slow motion and space bar for ultra slow motion. To use the special attacks you have to combine two or three keys: use up and left or right arrow keys to kick use up plus down arrow keys to dodge and others. The special moves are running up walls. To use the gun press shift to show or hide your gun and press control to shoot. Also this game gives you an option to set keys the way you want. Fight in Bullet time, jump, kick, punch, battle your enemies, shoot your gun and fly off walls in matrix style. You can also slow down time by using the slow motion. What make the game hard are all the combos you can do. Nevertheless, it's one of the most favorite online games. Enjoy playing!

Rating: 3.79 [Rate]

Matrix Bullet Time Fighting