Free Chrome Wars Arena Game Online

Title: Chrome Wars Arena

Description:Chrome Wars Arena is very exciting online free fighting game. In this awesome game it is the year 2144 and you are a robot. But the robots are slaves of the humans who are very rare but powerful. Once a year there is a Chrome Wars Tournament for the robots and the winner of this tournament will be free from the human tyranny. So if you want to be free you have to fight your way through 6 arenas. First you have to choose the robot and provide your robot a name. Than you can select a number for the: power, agility, speed, precision, defense, grit and chrome. Now you can enter the tournament ladder and you can start fighting against other robots. Your aim is to defeat 50 different enemies, earn money, replace your own body parts, and become the strongest and best fighter robot of the Battledome. All you need to play this unusual game is your mouse. Good luck, robot!

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Chrome Wars Arena