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Title: Werewars Fight

Description:You want to play an unusual game? I will suggest you one very unusual and very interesting online fighting game. This game, that I like a lot, is cold Werewars Fight. Listen to my advice, find this awesome game on internet and play it, it is free and it is adorable. Werewars Fight is one of the most exciting online fighting games. In this game you play a role of a scary wolf and you have the opportunity to fight with other wolfs. Step into the world of werewars and battle it out with four werewolves thirsty for blood. First when you enter the game you can choose to play easy or to play hard. First you can start with the easy level and then you can play the hard level. Your objective in this totally cool online game is to battle it out with the other werewolves controlled by the computer, and to try to beat them in all rounds. To play this game first you have to choose a wolf. You can choose from the given four wolfs: Feral wolf, Rabid wolf, Brute wolf and Butcher wolf, each of them has a different weapon and different fighting tactic. Choose the one you like the best and start playing the game. In the instructions menu are given the moves, use the arrow keys to move left and right, use A for kick attack, use S for strong attack, use D for fast attack, use space bar to block your enemy attack. Get ready and start to fight with your scary opponent. Use special attacks and try to win in this terrific game. If you beat the other wolf you will win and you will go to the next round where you will have to fight again, but if the other wolf beat you down you lose and the game is over. If you lose don't give up very easily play this game over and over until you become a winner. Show this wolfs who is in charge. Play this game in your spare time, play this game every time when you have a chance, believe me you want regret. All the best!

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Werewars Fight