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Top 10 Fighting Games

In my opinion the Top 10 online free Fighting Games are: Mario Combat, Matrix Bullet Time Fighting, Fear Unlimited, Grampa Grumble Whoop, Rage 3, 13 Guardians, American Dad – Family Guy, Beach Cat Fight, Anime Smash Beta, Mad Karate Man. According to me these top ten games are very fun, interesting, cool, addictive and exciting. I think everyone will enjoy playing them. This top ten fighting games and many, many more free online fighting games you can find at When you are bored and you don’t know what to do play these games and enjoy!

Now I will try to give a short description of this top ten games starting with the last one:

10. Mad Karate Man is very fun and interesting online fighting game. In this cool game you're the Mad Karate Man, your aim is to lambaste all the poor pedestrians. Use your fighting skill and combo action. Build up more power and try to avoid the briefcase because  every time your strike is blocked, your combo counter is reset to zero. Be fast in smashing your way through the streets.

9. Anime Smash Beta is totally cool and crazy online game. This game has female versions of anime characters like Naruto and Sasuke. Use extreme combos and supers to defeat your enemies. This beta prototype has 2 characters and it is a mix of anime art, pixel art and particle effects.

8. Beach Cat Fight is awesome online game. Fight other hot chicks in bikinis in this cool game. To win the game you have to use your gladiator skills, beat as many girls as you can and collect the cute pictures.

7. American Dad - Family Guy is Kung Fu fighting game with your favorite characters. The game allows fans to play characters from their show, each with their deadly knocking moves. To win the game, players must beat the other characters and also take on Rye from the popular Street Fighter games.

6. 13 Guardians is a terrific online game. You have the opportunity to fight in the death tournament against 13 best guardians of the king. Try to free your country from the rule of the evil king. Use a number of moves in the combat. You will receive 7 move tiles. You can use one of them in each of your turns. If you win a combat, you will earn experience points and money, use them to improve your skills and to buy items.

5. Rage 3  is stunning online game. Kill all the bad guys around the levels and platforms and build up your rage. Use your weapons, powers and your special attacks. You will get the cloud of fire around you once you "rage it up".

4. Grampa Grumble Whoop is very fun game. Fight old Grampa Grumble. Try to knock him out. Be careful because he has some moves that will put you on your ass. Box Grampa Grumble in 10 rounds.

3. Fear Unlimited is crazy game. Fight with forces so evil, it will make your blood curdle, go ahead without fear. Use your swords, guns and combos and try to win this game.

2. Matrix Bullet Time Fighting is very addictive online game. Fight in Bullet time, kick, jump, punch, battle your enemies, shoot your gun and fly off walls and do this in matrix style.

1. Mario Combat is very interesting online game. Mario beat up the crap out of turtles and Bowser. And he use fighting moves to beat up his enemies instead of just jumping up and down. It is totally awesome.




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Online fighting games are one of the most played games on internet. They are very interesting and fun to play. In most of these games you have to fight with different enemies and you have to beat them up in order to win the game or to go to the next level where you can fight with even worse enemies.

The goal is to fight and to prove that you are the best fighter ever. In some games you will have to fight with one enemy only, in other one you will have to fight with more enemies than one. Use your skills and try to win.

When you have a free time and you dont know what to do, you can play this games online. They will help you to change your daily life. Now you have the opportunity to fill your life with excitement and joy. Playing the role of the mystical Chinese dragon in this Dragon Spirits game, using different martial arts in Hokuto No Ken Fighting and boxing whithout fear in Wild West Boxing Tournament will keep you entertained all day long. You can play these amazing games for hours.

To satisfy the demanding taste of the players, we have other games categories too. Among the other game categories you can find: shooting games, action games, tower defence games, RPG games and other popular games. All this games can be played by the players of all ages and characters.

For example, you can help Alex to find his way home in the awesome online action Alex in Danger, you can help the General to achieve his mission in 3D Sniper game, or you can play the role of a giant Robot in Armored Fighter game. No matter which category you will choose, or which game you will decide to play, I am sure you will enjoy.

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